Lottery Sambad Result 27.10.2022 Today 1PM, 6PM, 8PM

Hey, what’s up I know you are searching Nagaland State Dear Lottery Sambad Result Today at 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM. So you are sure to get daily lottery Sambad result time by time updates on this page. Any day you can check the lottery Sambad result by visiting the page.

Deer Lottery is very popular in several states including West Bengal, if you want to check lottery Sambad results then you can check from this page. By the way, as I was discussing Nagaland State Deer Lottery organizes its Daily Paper Lottery with the approval of several state governments in India.

Lottery Sambad Result

Deer lottery paper tickets are sold offline every day. And Dear Lottery publishes the results of all those sold tickets at three different times every day. I know if you are completely new to this topic then you still don’t understand much about lottery Sambad. Don’t worry I have discussed this in detail.

NOTE: This is not the official Lottery Sambad Website. This is not an online or offline gambling website and we have not organized any kind of lottery game. We just collect data from the official Lottery Sambad website ( and publish it here. You must match the results published here with the official website.

What is lottery Sambad Result

If you notice well earlier I have discussed Nagaland State Deer Lottery is quite popular in West Bengal state. The mother tongue of West Bengal is Bengali, so West Bengalis use the internet to check their lottery results by writing and searching lottery Sambad results. Because news in the Bengali language is called Sambad.

And gradually this lottery Sambad result word became so popular that nowadays people search by name lottery Sambad result to check dear lottery Daily result. I hope this is clear to you.

Lottery Sambad Result 1 PM

Dear Lottery publishes the first results of their daily ticket sales at 1 pm. Common people know as the lottery Sambad result 1 pm. Some public again identifies it as Lottery Sambad Morning Results. The image below presents the lottery Sambad result 1pm

image 97

Here you can check daily lottery news morning results 1PM result. If you see results coming soon then you will know that dear lottery morning result will be updated soon. In this case, you should refresh the page frequently.

Whenever Dear Lottery updates the Dear Lottery 1pm result on their official website, our team will convert the PDF file into an image and upload it on this page.

This is done for the convenience of people because people download the PDF file and open it with PDF opener software to see the result. As such, our team converts the PDF file into an image and uploads it on this page. Well, remember that our image result is exactly the same as the result of the Dear Lottery official website. Still, you can check the result from the Dear Lottery official website if you want.

Lottery Sambad 6 PM Result

Deer Lottery publishes its second results of the day on tickets sold at 6pm. The public is identified as Lottery Sambad Result 6pm, also known as Lottery Sambad Evening Result. The results published in the form of images below are presenting Dear Lottery 6 PM Results.

IMG 20221209 181337

If you ever want to check Dear Lottery 6 PM Result then check this image above on this page. This is the lottery Sambad evening result.

This image has not been edited in any way. Only the Dear Lottery official website PDF format has been converted to image format for public convenience. So that public can easily check their lottery news 6pm result.

Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result, Lottery Sambad Night Result

Here comes the last daily lottery result which is released by Dear Lottery and it release time is 8 PM. People identify it as the lottery sambad 8pm result, also the lottery sambad night result. Deer Lottery after selling all the paper tickets publishes the last paper lottery tickets of each day based on those sold tickets on their official website.

IMG 20221209 201148

The image given above is Dear Lottery 8pm Result. Every day at certain times this image also updates all the above images. You can come anytime and check your lottery sambad result from this page.

Dear Lottery Sambad Morning 1 PM Result Weekly Schedule

Not that every day dear lottery 1 pm paper ticket is the same name. Here paper tickets are sold under seven different names seven days a week. If you take a good look at the table format given below, you will understand the matter clearly.

Days Draw Names
Monday Dear Ganga Morning
Tuesday Dear Teesta Morning
Wednesday Dear Torsha Morning
Thursday Dear Padma Morning
Friday Dear Hoogly Morning
Saturday Dear Kosai Morning
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning
Lottery Sambad Live

Dear Lottery Sambad Morning 6 PM Result Weekly Schedule

In the same manner, paper tickets are also sold under different names on seven days of the week when the results are published by Dear Lottery at 6 PM. The following table format describes the details.

Days Draw Names
Monday Sun Monday Weekly
Tuesday Moon Tuesday Weekly
Wednesday Mercury Wednesday Weekly
Thursday Venus Thursday Weekly
Friday Earth Friday Weekly
Saturday Mars Saturday Weekly
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning
Lottery Sambad Live

Dear Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result Weekly Schedule

Similarly, the paper tickets of Deer Lottery which publish the results at 6pm are sold under different names on seven different days of the week. The details of all those names are given below in table form.

Days Draw Names
Monday Flamingo Evening Monday weekly
Tuesday Parrot Evening Tuesday Weekly
Wednesday Eagle Evening Wednesday Weekly
Thursday Falcon Evening Thursday Weekly
Friday Vulture Evening Friday Weekly
Saturday Ostrich Evening Saturday Weekly
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning
Lottery Sambad Live

I think you have managed to collect your lottery sambad result from this page. You can check your dear lottery result from this page anytime in the coming days.

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